Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the forex trading / the real things secret

what is forex trading?
after I read a lot of e book and chatted with my friend and expert this this the real thing that a lot of traders forget.
that is : TRADE..... yeah . Only trade.. WHAT ????? so what is the connection things.
trader sometimes forget that this basic word. Because trader always give most attentions to indicators, combination of that and signal, prediction , EA. robot and so on and forget about the most thing : trade. So what is impotance knowing this. If you stick this words to your mind you will always remember about supply and demand. and price. that is the most hings we have to understand precisely in this business. Where there's a lot of demand so the price is up and lack of it will down. alot of supply so make price lower and vice versa . So to make a good and benefit trading we must identified this area. which one is the area of battle of supply and demand, about buy and seller. and after a few of time the balance will become unbalance and we will know the winner and catch .... !!! we push the trade position and we will see the big enough move depend on the time frame. and after that a few time the price will go back again and then we can push the button again and will see the profit. this strategy call :

identified the edge and take the breakout and first reversal

ok friend. see you next.

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