Sunday, May 9, 2010

Searching for Holygrail

In 3 years ago , I started forex trading and tried to find a simple and profit straight strategy to win in this forex battle. In the searching I found a lot of friend who recommended me a lot of information how to make a set up, a money management, strategy, pending order , about stop loss, and so on. In that searching they gave me a lot of E book that says can give me a lot of profit.
they said all is free and I can download and give to my friend. Why. Because they said they got it freely too. thanks Got to the generous people there.

You know that build a career and profitable trading is same as hard to find out a needle on a giant and huge hay in the farm. But I still have a hope if somebody out there can do it so I will.
in this blog i will share my simple strategy and a lot of e book that i got from friends. Hope you can find out it to.

ok. friends see you soon

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