Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tips to enter the market : identify S/R

Very Important.
Must be! the first think that you have to do when you want to enter the market.
1. chose anytimeframe ( higher is stronger )
2. Looking for the bar that indicates like a marching bars
3. identify and make line in the  HIGH and LOW price on the marching bars
4. where is the price
5. Is the price go to that area or keeping away
6. Count the R/R
6. Enter the market .

Friday, September 24, 2010

Timeframe action analysis

Friends remember this all the time in trading
the bigger waves makes bigger movement in price. The smaller makes small. so be careful to whom wose always use the small time frame like 15 or 5 or 1 minutes.
That are not the directions. that are the battle actions. which is includes shading, movement, spike and stop hunting.

The directions is drawn by the big time frame.
so the big is to analyzes the direction and the small is the action. you can choose all direction sell or buy. but always counting R: R. . It is save your position is the same with the big waves. because even you in the wrong direction the price will go back to yours so you can make it break even or small cut loss.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The contrary but in the same idea from the last post: resistance.
But in this point is battle between seller with buyer.
Who is the winner.
You have to wait . and follow..
Its' easy as to talk but it still need quick and brave decision making.

The strategy for both is:
sell on the high and buy on the deep and follow the breaking and more adding position in the contrary/fading movement.

for me resistance or Support is the same thing. Grey Area--- not line or numbers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


To know this in Forex is very important. For me resistance is like an area not a line or not in the specific price. The area for me is about 15-20 point. but for me this area is one of my clue to enter the trade.

which is there abattle . The war between The seller and the buyer. The most important indicator for this things is Volume. But unfortunately in the Metatrader platform we can not know the real volume of the trade. the only one know the realo volume trade is the man which is in the real trade floor.

How can we prepare for this situation. :
1. Beware of always spike- price model
2. and the same as gapping price.
3. always be careful for the stop-hunter action from your broker.
4. and if you make a position always watch out about your internet connection or your electricity. it is good if you prepare UPS for non interruptibility of your electricity.

for my own experience I always use big stop lost which i can afford. ex. 50 or 80 points.

oke watch and find this for your entry.
find the area. note the 0 or 5 number stop lost around number 4 or 8.
sese you again in the profitable trade.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Psychology is the matter

Oke friends , see you again.
in trading the most probably making the loss things sometimes and always I thinks is about our psychology. How you know yourself in trading is important. How do you control your emotion is the key to get success in trading.

Knowing this sometimes your broker or market will play the had one to get your loose control and making you forget all about your trading strategy. It is hard to control the emotions so a lot of trader using robot or EA to make profit. sometime it is help sometimes it always make another disaster.

For manual traders it is important to know how to control your energy if you are in the sideways market which is always corrupt your patients. End if you enter the market with 3 times losses I hope you can let it go and stop trading for a while. At least i suggest 1 period time of market. We know that in forex trading there's a 5x24 in a week. in one day there are 3 periods: Asia, Europe and America. if you make loss in Asia it is good if you stop until the Europe time is star or America time is. so in the spare time you can go everywhere to see in the clearly side why you loss for the last time trade and you will get the solutions.

It is not about you strategy, it is not about your trade time, it is not about the indicators, set up, money management and so on which is make the most disaster in trading IT is psychology.
Knowing the fear, the greedy , the doubt, anger, revenge, etc will make a lot of differences in your trading. keep it simple and let it go about everything. loss or win.... let it go and still
keep trying.

Happy profit trade....

Friday, May 21, 2010

What Your broker do against you

This post is connecting to my explanation about timing and babysitting your position.
If you read the term and condition before you sign up to your broker there is term about they will take all your offer or position. It means if you buy they sell and if you sell they will buy. Some beginners trader have a slight mistake about trading in a broker platform . They think that they fight against the market. For Big traders and big boys of course that is the truth. But for regular retail trader like me and a lot of traders it is not. because of the condition you must understand that you will get a lot of losses.

Here I want to share in my experience how broker make a serious strategy against you inside or with the plat form..

1. The make a freeze price. ( freezing the price). Sometimes broker loose in the real market or there is a good price for every broker to get in . Sometimes they make a cheat act : they will disconnect your platform or make a delay time. The aims is to make a bad price position which is offered to you. And make trader loose the good time to enter.

2. Make a fast fading action. Sometimes you will get a huge movement or spike to one pair. Your broker strategy is making a fast fading in that price so trader can not enter or cannot take the best winning. And if you are not in the trade, you cannot enter . The result is always : re quote the price. blink blink ... re quote the price and if you close you will get a small winning or if you enter you will find a big minus in your position. This action aims is to make your robot death or making not effective and get wrong signal too.

So be deathly careful from this 2 (always) your broker do in your trade.

So if we know that things can I and you make a winning trade? OF COURSE. in the next post I will explain to you.

see you happy and profit trade....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Take position is The Problem

For you, who real trader with real money jn demo account understand how crucial this one : Taking position.
Why? Because all of the trading burden rush and flow in the whole of your body. Thinking about how much money you will take on the table that you bet. of course your thought is support form your analyze so you think you can be cool ... Not. I believe that your hearth is still make a drum like heartbreak . In your deepest of heart, you know that , you don't know where the price will going to.

All of this is about trading psychology. If you do your homework ( analyze, knowing the trend, put the set up. look for the right place to place your order, give more attention to indicator, finding the edge, make a fake decision( decision that you made only in mind where you want to put the order not the real one, all about if .. and if...) , money management, counting the lots. Thinking the pair, the news , the hedge fund thinking, your broker cheat and bla bla bla.... All that think mixed in your brain and became juice.... ( if you do that homework ) maybe you have think what I am going to say..... FORGET ALL OFF THAT .... quick Push your button

If you in the right side be greedy ( it is means ADD YOUR LOTS ) and if you in the wrong side. let the broker take your stop lost if you use it, or you can get out as soon as the price reversal so you will in the small loss.

Analyse again . again and take the other position which market tell you. Do Not argue with the market. what ever the direction. Remember Market is always not logic.

oke see you next. Happy profit trading.