Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Psychology is the matter

Oke friends , see you again.
in trading the most probably making the loss things sometimes and always I thinks is about our psychology. How you know yourself in trading is important. How do you control your emotion is the key to get success in trading.

Knowing this sometimes your broker or market will play the had one to get your loose control and making you forget all about your trading strategy. It is hard to control the emotions so a lot of trader using robot or EA to make profit. sometime it is help sometimes it always make another disaster.

For manual traders it is important to know how to control your energy if you are in the sideways market which is always corrupt your patients. End if you enter the market with 3 times losses I hope you can let it go and stop trading for a while. At least i suggest 1 period time of market. We know that in forex trading there's a 5x24 in a week. in one day there are 3 periods: Asia, Europe and America. if you make loss in Asia it is good if you stop until the Europe time is star or America time is. so in the spare time you can go everywhere to see in the clearly side why you loss for the last time trade and you will get the solutions.

It is not about you strategy, it is not about your trade time, it is not about the indicators, set up, money management and so on which is make the most disaster in trading IT is psychology.
Knowing the fear, the greedy , the doubt, anger, revenge, etc will make a lot of differences in your trading. keep it simple and let it go about everything. loss or win.... let it go and still
keep trying.

Happy profit trade....

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