Monday, May 17, 2010

Take position is The Problem

For you, who real trader with real money jn demo account understand how crucial this one : Taking position.
Why? Because all of the trading burden rush and flow in the whole of your body. Thinking about how much money you will take on the table that you bet. of course your thought is support form your analyze so you think you can be cool ... Not. I believe that your hearth is still make a drum like heartbreak . In your deepest of heart, you know that , you don't know where the price will going to.

All of this is about trading psychology. If you do your homework ( analyze, knowing the trend, put the set up. look for the right place to place your order, give more attention to indicator, finding the edge, make a fake decision( decision that you made only in mind where you want to put the order not the real one, all about if .. and if...) , money management, counting the lots. Thinking the pair, the news , the hedge fund thinking, your broker cheat and bla bla bla.... All that think mixed in your brain and became juice.... ( if you do that homework ) maybe you have think what I am going to say..... FORGET ALL OFF THAT .... quick Push your button

If you in the right side be greedy ( it is means ADD YOUR LOTS ) and if you in the wrong side. let the broker take your stop lost if you use it, or you can get out as soon as the price reversal so you will in the small loss.

Analyse again . again and take the other position which market tell you. Do Not argue with the market. what ever the direction. Remember Market is always not logic.

oke see you next. Happy profit trading.

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