Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Choose and Set up Indicators

In my explanation it is important to stick in you head that the first you must find out is The S/R area or line or supply and demand area. Andthen how about indicator which will support our Analise. How to choose the good set up or the best combination of indicators.

If you search on goggle , you will find thousand of customized indicator that always be said very profitable, no lagg., cheap to buy, never loose , bla, bla bla and so on. Is it true? is it good. Then how to make our self. Is it good making customized indicator by our self? . Of course you can do it IF ... once again iF you really understand how the indicators work and made.

To traders who only know using the indicators without knowing much enough to understand how it is made and how it is work, it's the best without loosing a lot of time : using the original set. And what indicators we need to make a good analyzed confirmation. For the best, At least you need 3 indicator which describes : trend and momentum and trading area.

In Metatrader platform you will find all that in their platform. Simply you click Insert --Indicator--- Then you choose. You will find too which one is trend or momentum indic. For tips: if you use well popular moving averages set on the Fibonacci number or specially known popular is 5, 14, 20 and 200. of course you can make little research using that.
for Trading area you will not find in the indicator list but in other. ( you can use, i suggest) : Fibonacci line or Murray math. Later I will explain how to use it.

Ok for conclusion for your set up is :
1. Knowing S/R/ area or line
2. Trend indicator
3. momentum indicator
4. Indicators that describe trading area.

How about Volume indicator. Especially for this one ... You will not have the real volume on your platform. Neither if yo find call volume on meta. because it is not ... NOT describe the real trading volume. so I will not recommend.

ok good luck to make your own and happy profit trading.

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