Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knowing indicators

The last post I said about finding the edge. So Are the indicators really useless.....? No it is not. They are still use full but... if we know when we give them attention and when we neglect it. because indicator is made by the great trader from the whole world. but is this the fact that the only one who really know about indicator is the mas who made is. All setting in it is depend on long research and a lot of time approving time action. that is that we will not know well. Trader always set the indicator by himself sometime and a lot of them said that standard mode is false and bla bla bla ... so on. They always make different setting for they own and the result. is........ 99% wrong.

Why indicators can not for triggers:
1. always lagging ... always
2. indicators are gives from brokers... so they can make something..........

Now, why I still recommend to use it. This is the reason:
1. The standard mode indicator using by thousand trader so . if thousand traders use the same action . they position will affect the price.
2. Indicators can be used again ...just for confirmation . not for the action triggers

Mentioning my posting . just stick for this:
First the price ---and then ----the indicators.

The Price is looked for by the edge and then the standard indicator is for confirmation ( you have to mention the right time frame).

Ok friends, see you next explanation.

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