Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to make an effectively Position

after you know the edge area : s/r area or S/r line, you must instantly act to make an analyze from your indicators. before you make a position. The result of knowing two habitually work is you will know and understand where you area in the up and down price. You have to recognize the right direction for daily trade. and the last thing you have to know is TIMING to get through the waving trade. This reason why I do not agree to trader who use robot or expert adviser. Of course it can make the trade easy and lack emotional trade. but this (I thing) it is not effectively.

The usual LAW to make a position is : SELL on High and Buy in depth. Two kinds of words is must combine with S?R and candle reversal timing .

If you in position: you know the price direction (For example: trend up ) . Then you know it is recommended by your indicators. as soon as possible you must find the depth ( you can say a reversal of this price) in a specific time frame. after all things right or agree JUMP to the trade.

that is I said effectively, because you will in the low risk position . This one is recommended to the breakout strategy which sometimes make a false spike.

then aha.... you in the right direction. as soon as possible you can make a trailing stop. Do it to the +1 pip position. if the price hit it again . JUMP again . If the price go to your direction RIDE it
. This one called LET Your Winning Run.

See you in the next tips. bye

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